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Winner of the American Academy of Arts and Letters' Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction and of the Ernest Hemingway Foundation's Citation for Fiction. When Kaye Gibbons published Ellen Foster in , the novel—her first—met with an person." The poem about Starletta eventually evolved into Ellen Foster. PDF | The main theoretical aim of this article is to analyze the ways in Ellen Foster (), like Kaye Gibbons's other novels, is a first person.

While they were the i- nal Jewish population to succumb to Nazism, organized attacks on Magyar Jews by Hungarian fascists dated back to the late s and the strengthening of German-Hungarian relations.

In October , Hungary oicially joined the Axis alliance. A third decree crim- inalized marriages between Jews and non-Jews.

In an efort to eliminate allegedly untrustworthy elements from 1 For comprehensive English-language sketches of the Holocaust in Hungary, see Randolph L. Despite second-class cate- gorization and latent antisemitism from non-Jewish units, the labour performed by these battalions was not inherently dangerous during the irst two years of service.

When Hungary entered the war on the Eastern front in and Jewish battalions joined the Second Hun- garian Army, conditions radically worsened. Deprived of protective gear and food, and publicly identiied as Jews, the men were com- pelled to perform the most dangerous tasks on the battlefront and also faced violent attacks by non-Jewish compatriots.

Dr. Mary Ellen Foster (Alumna)

More than half of the men in these battalions lost their lives during the war, among them Marton Mozes-Nagy. Kati also expe- rienced a rude awakening about her religious heritage.

Any hopes that the community might escape the fate of Jews across occupied Europe were dashed as Hungarian authorities ordered Jews from the outlying provinces to congregate in makeshit ghettos in larger city centres in April Within a few short weeks, Arrow Cross guards orchestrated a reign of terror. At the same time, more than 70, Jews were rounded up and forced on death marches. I suppose that at the age of eleven, one cannot imagine the true meaning of such atrocities.

Since our heads are shaved, and we look gaunt and starved, I want to just lie down and leave this world behind. You mean the world to me. Kati and Ilonka were among , Jews remaining in the Budapest ghetto when it was liberated by the Soviet army on January 18, , ater close to a month of intense ighting.

It would be years before the girls learned of the circumstances sur- rounding her death.

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While Ilonka enjoyed her post-war return to life, Kati gradual- ly became convinced that there was no future for her in Budapest. A move to Palestine was out of the question. Despite the ideological indoctri- nation received at the orphanage and the recognized need for a Jew- ish homeland, Kati refused to enter another war zone.

With little knowledge of the country beyond the vastness of its geography, distance from Europe and English-speak- ing population, Kati selected Canada as the preferred site of resettle- ment. Some 1, child survivors immigrated to Canada on the War Or- phans Project. Planning for the refugee resettlement scheme, pro- posed and administered by the Canadian Jewish Congress, began in the lead-up to World War ii.

At that time, Canadian Jewish leaders, despite their best eforts, were unable to persuade the Canadian gov- ernment to end its discriminatory and restrictive policies concern- ing the rescue of Jewish children trapped under Nazism.

In October , Frederick C. Blair, the blatantly antisemitic head of the Depart- ment of Mines and Resources the predecessor to the Ministry of Cit- izenship and Immigration begrudgingly granted permission for ive 3 Founded in , the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, also known as the Joint, is the leading Jewish humanitarian aid organization, serving com- munities in more than seventy countries around the world. Ater World War ii, the Joint provided inancial aid to surviving Jewish communities, and attended to the daily needs of refugees in post-war Europe.

Joint caseworkers worked col- laboratively with other refugee resettlement agencies to facilitate the immigration of Holocaust survivors to permanent sites of resettlements. And sec- ond, only orphaned children of deportees, aged two to iteen years, could apply. Blair let open a window for ive hundred additional chil- dren to immigrate at a later date.

On August 23, , the Aquitania, a luxu- ry liner commandeered to transport immigrants across the Atlantic, docked at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Oh no. She comes in and he lets into her right away. Carrying on. Set up in his E-Z lounger like he is King for a Day. You bring me this or that he might say.

She comes in the door and he asks about supper right off. What does she have planned? She would look at him square in the face but not at his eyes or mouth but at his whole face and the ugliness getting out through the front. On he goes about supper and how come weeds are growed up in the yard.

More like a big mean baby than a grown man. I got her suitcase in my hand and I carry it to the bedroom. But while I walk I listen to him and to her not saying a word back to him. She stands between his mean highness and the television set looking at him make words at her. Big wind-up toy of a man. He is just too sorry to talk back to even if he is my daddy. And she is too limp and too sore to get up the breath to push the words out to stop it all.

She just stands there and lets him work out his evil on her.

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Get in the kitchen and fix me something to eat. I had to cook the whole time you was gone, he tells her. And that was some lie he made up. Cook for his own self. If I did not feed us both we had to go into town and get take-out chicken.

I myself was looking forward to something fit to eat but I was not about to say anything. If anybody had asked me what to do I would have told us both to feed on hoop cheese and crackers. Somebody operated on needs to stay in the bed without some husband on their back all the time.

But she does not go on to the bedroom but turns right back around and goes to the kitchen. What can I do but go and reach the tall things for her? I set that dinner table and like to take a notion to spit on his fork. My new mama lays out the food and we all take a turn to dish it out.

Then we eat and have a good time. Toast or biscuits with anything you please. Eggs any style. Corn cut off the cob the same day we eat it. I keep my elbows off the table and wipe my mouth like a lady.

Nobody barks, farts, or feeds the dogs under the table here. When everybody is done eating my new mama puts the dishes in a thing, shuts the door, cuts it on, and Wa-La they are clean.

My mama does not say a word about being tired or sore. She did ask who kept everything so clean and he took the credit. I do not know who he thinks he fooled. I knew he lied and my mama did too. She just asked to be saying something. Mama puts the food out on the table and he wants to know what am I staring at. At you humped over your plate like one of us is about to snatch it from you. You old hog. But I do not say it. All the time I look at him and at her and try to figure out why he hates her so bad.

When he is not looking I give him the evil eye. And my mama looks like she could crawl under the table and cry. We leave his nasty self at that table and go to bed.

She is sore all up through her chest and bruised up the neck. It makes me want to turn my head. We peel her dress off over the head and slip on something loose to sleep in. I help her get herself laid in the bed and then I slide in beside her. She just turns her head into the pillow. Not one thing is pressing on me to get done here. I have a bag of candy to eat on.

One piece at a time. Make it last. All I got left to do is eat supper and wash myself. When I accumulate enough money I plan to get some colored glass things that you dangle from the window glass. I lay here and feature how that would look. I already got pink checkerboard curtains with dingleballs around the edges. My new mama sewed them for me.

She also sewed matching sacks that I cram my pillows into every morning. When I finish laying here with these malted milk balls I will smooth the covers down and generally clean up after myself. Maybe then I will play with the other people.

But I might just lay here until the chicken frying smells ready to eat. I do not know if she hears him go out the back door. She is still enough to be asleep.

He goes off in the truck like he has some business to tend to. Then he brings it into this house like he is Santa Claus. He sets his package beside his chair and then eases his lazy self into place. Yelling at somebody, meaning myself, to turn on the television set. I could chew nails and spit tacks.

The yelling makes my mama jump and if she was asleep she is awake now. Grits her teeth every time he calls out damn this or that.

The more he drinks the less sense he makes. I know I need to go in there and poke him. Same thing every Saturday. This week in particular she does not need to find some daddy hog rooted all up against the toilet stool. I get up and go in there and tell him to get up that folks got to come in here and do their business.Accordingly, when the weekend is over, Betsy turns her out again, and Ellen has to return to her father. If anybody had asked me what to do I would have told us both to feed on hoop cheese and crackers.

And that was some lie he made up. She starts to whimper and I say it is no reason to cry. Walter Cunningham in To Kill a Mockingbird.