read online. HERE IS THE COPY common questions for NLE goodluck just hit the top believe me! Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Pentagon NLE Review Notes - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Edited Carl Balita Question and Answers. Uploaded by Item MEDICAL SURGICAL Nursing Examination Correct Answers and Rationales. Scope of this Nursing Test I is parallel to the NP1 NLE Coverage: Foundation of Nursing Nursing Research Professional Adjustment Questions and Answers .. “You and I need to review your rationale for this decision”. B.

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Contains Board exam questions tailored for Filipinos. Take this exam to increase your chance passing the Philippine Nursing Board Examination. Lots of NLE Questions and Answers in PDF Format. Join our Nursing Review Community! Comprehensive Exam II with Answers and Rationale · Nursing Board Exam Practice Test 5 · Nursing Board Exam Practice Test 3. Nursing Board Practice Test Compilation FOUNDATION OF ANSWERS AND RATIONALE – MATERNAL AND CHILD MEDICAL Assume that ethical questions 13 gain independence as quickly as possible. .. how to lose belly fat naturally without exercise ○○○ 3 weeks.

Body systems model. Priority setting is part of the planning phase wherein there is the establishment of a preferential sequence for addressing nursing diagnoses and interventions.

Your client has just returned to your unit following an abdominal surgery. Which of the following nursing diagnoses require the highest priority? Acute pain related to tissue trauma of surgical incision b.

Risk for thrombophlebitis related to postoperative venous stasis c. Risk for infection related to break in skin integrity d. Deficient knowledge postoperative home care related to inexperience. Evaluation, the final step in the nursing process, is crucial to determine whether, after application of the nursing process, the client's condition or well-being improves. The effectiveness of a nursing action can be determined by:. Reassessing the client for new problems c. Comparing the client's response with the goals and objectives formulated in the planning phase d.

Comparing the client's response with other clients who are receiving the same intervention. Community Health Nursing 1. There is no consensus about any definition of health.

Traditionally, health has been defined in terms of the presence or absence of disease. Which of the following is the WHO definition of health? It is not a state but a process. The process adapts the individual not only to our physical but also our social environments.

The Epidemiological Triangle consists of three components: Host, Agent and Environment. The Environment is the sum total of all external condition and influences that affects the development of an organism which can be biological, social and physical. In which component of the environment do land and soil fall under?

Biological Environment b. Physical Environment c. Geological Environment d. Socio-Economic Environment. Like health, various definitions have been given for public health. The definition of public health as "the art of applying science in the context of politics so as to reduce inequalities in health while ensuring the best health for the greatest number" is from:.

Winslow c. Public Health Service of the U. Department of Health and Human Services. The specific roles of the DOH as the national authority on health is defined through Executive Order Serve as the national policy and regulatory institution from which the local government units, non-government organizations and other members of the health sector involved in social welfare and development will anchor their thrusts and directions for health. Serve as advocate in the adoption of health policies, plans and programs to address national and sectoral concerns.

Innovate new strategies in health to improve the effectiveness of health programs, initiate public discussion on health issues and undertaking and disseminate policy research outputs to ensure informed public participation in policy decision-making.

The DOH's mission is to guarantee equitable, sustainable and quality health for all Filipinos, especially the poor and shall lead the quest for excellence in health. Which of the following is considered the roadmap for all stakeholders in health? National Objectives for Health to b. Health Sector Reform Agenda c. Sentrong Sigla. In general, the Primary Health care team is comprised of the physician, nurses, midwives, nurse auxiliaries, locally trained community health workers, traditional birth attendants and healers.

Which of the following persons is NOT an Intermediate level health worker?

Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam (PNLE)

Chan, a year old public health nurse b. Gomez, a year old traditional birth attendant c. Gaston, a year old medical practitioner d. A health problem is a situation in which there is a demonstrated health need combined with actual or potential resources to apply remedial measures and a commitment to act on the part of the provider or the client.

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You have been reading about a community in the mountains that is so far off that they have very little access to health care. One of the main problems in the community cited is the lack of immunization of the population. What category does this health problem fall under? Health deficit b. Health threat c. Foreseeable crisis d. Stress points. There are three classic frameworks from which nursing care is delivered.

An improvement in anyone of these three tends to produce favorable change in the other two.

Which framework includes the coordination of services and measuring success of nursing actions? Under the design and initiation stage of Community Organizing, an organizational structure must be chosen to activate community participation.

What kind of organizational structure is present in Barangay Laiya Buhangin? Grass-roots b.

Coalition c. Citizen panels d. Leadership board council. In all levels of prevention, health education plays an important role, from health promotion, specific health protection, early diagnosis and treatment, disability limitation to rehabilitation. Which of the following statements regarding health education is false? Health education can take place in various settings, either formally, informally or incidentally b.

Social marketing, motivation programs and behavior modification make use of health education. None of the above. MCN When dealing with a child, the timing and extent of explaining the procedure depends largely on the patient's age and degree of comprehension.

Whenever a procedure is to be explained to a toddler and preschooler, it is important to know that although the approaches are almost similar, some differences are also taken into consideration, one of which is:.

Free 2019 NCLEX Practice Questions

In a toddler patient, the procedure must first be explained to the parents before explaining it to a child, in a preschooler patient, it is better to explain the procedure to the child first before giving details to the parents. A toddler, younger than the preschooler should be allowed to cry. To decrease their anxiety, the reason why the procedure is being done should be explained thoroughly to a preschooler.

In a toddler, it is enough to mention the benefits to be gained in the procedure. A preschooler has longer attention span than a toddler so more comprehensive discussion of the procedure must be done.

According to Erik Erikson's psychosocial stage of development, a sense of industry, or a stage of accomplishment is achieved somewhere between age 6 years and adolescence.

This stage is described by the following except:.

This stage is the time when children learn the value of doing things with others and the benefits derived from division of labor in the accomplishment of goals b.

Peer approval is a strong motivating power. The danger in this period is the occurence of situations that might result in a sense of role confusion.

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In this stage, interests expand and with a growing sense of independence, children want to engage in tasks that can be carried through completion. Athough the parent and child are separate and distinct individuals, the nurse's relationship with the child is frequently mediated via the parent, particularly in the case of younger children.

Which of the following interventions facilitates effective communication with parents of pediatric patients the least? Restraints must be ordered by a physician, with the type of restraint identified and how often the child can be removed from the restraint noted. Which of the following kind of restraint should be questioned by the nurse if ordered by the doctor for a pediatric patient? Assessing for the reflexes is an important element in the Pediatric Physical Assessment, especially that of an infant.

It is a measure of an intact neurologic system. A student nurse caring for a sleeping 6-month old patient needs further reading when she noted in the chart that this reflex is positive:.

You are caring for 1 year old child with meningitis. You applied the Glasgow coma scale to test for his neurologic status.

You observed that she withdraws and opens her eyes after you apply some pressure on her right thumb. She also moans after a while.

You have an idea that based from the Glasgow coma scale scoring that this child is. Often a nurse is the one who first identifies a need for counseling and referral by identifying the presence of an inherited disorder in a family history or by noting physical, mental, or behavioral abnormalities when performing a nursing assessment. All of the following findings in the family history of your pediatric patient is considered to be an assessment clue to genetic abnormalities except: Choose one answer.

When palpating for the testes during a pediatric physical examination, avoid stimulating the cremasteric reflex which pulls the testes higher into the pelvic cavity. A student nurse is having difficulty in her assessment asks you of an effective way of how to avoid eliciting this reflex. You teach her that this is best done by:.

The immaturity not only places infants at risk for neonatal complications but also may predispose the infant to problems that persist into adulthood. Which of the following factors makes a premature infant more prone to experiencing aspiration than a term infant? Therapeutic positioning is used to reduce the potential for acquired positional deformities that can affect motor development, play skills, attractiveness, and social attachment. Further teaching is required of a student nurse who places an infant in which position?

Medical Surgical Nursing 1.

In assessment, approaching an older patient for a health history need not to be difficult if you anticipate his special needs. You are preparing to interview Mr. Cruz, an 83 year old man.

Which of the following points is correct. If possible, plan to talk with older patients in the afternoon, to give them adequate rest in the morning. Pull shades or block bright light from the patient's view c.

Open the door to increase visual stimuli d. Achalasia is a chronic, progressive disease of unknown cause characterized by increasing dysphagia. The following diagnostic tests are used to determine the presence of achalasia except:. Pleural effusion generally means fluid is collected in the pleural space.

You are assessing Jose, suspected to have pleural effusion. The following are to be expected except: Dullness over the affected area upon percussion b. Decreased breath sounds c. Pleural friction rub d. Productive cough. Pneumonectomy is the surgical removal of the lung usually performed because of lung tumors. John, A year old client, is admitted to the surgical ward from the PACU following a left pneumonectomy. In planning the care for John, you should expect the client to.

Have a chest tube to water seal b. Have a chest tube to suction c. Have his left arm maintained in a sling to prevent pain and discomfort d. Be monitored closely for respiratory and cardiac complications. Myocardial infarction is the death of myocardial cells from inadequate oxygen, often caused by a sudden complete blockage if a coronary artery. Your patient, Andres, has had acute MI.

Which of the following should NOT be a part of your careplan for Andres? Administer prescribed stool softener b. Instruct patient to avoid caffeine c. Instruct patient to bend at waist to pick up things on the floor.

Instruct client not to bear down. Cardiac dysrythmias occur when the heart loses its regular pacing capability. Which of the following medications is most important to have at hand when the ECG reads that your patient is having ventricular tachycardia?

Thrombophlebitis occurs when a vein becomes inflamed and a clot forms, with the saphenous vein being the most commonly affected vein. Homan's sign is an assesment tool used for many years by health care workers to detect deep vein thrombi.

Which of the following is true about Homan's sign? It is considered positive if the client complains of pain upon plantar flexion of the foot. Homan's sign should not be performed routinely c.

It is considered false positive if the patient experiences carpal spasms upon release of sphygmomanometer cuff d. It is considered negative if there is no bluish discoloration on the umbilicus. Congestive heart failure is a disorder affecting multiply body systems, in which the heart is unable to pump as much blood as the venous system.

Artemio, a 68 year old male, seeks medical consultation with complaints of difficulty of breathing. Upon physical examination, the following where found: The doctor precribed medications for CHF. Artemio's signs and symptoms are of which kind of CHF? Polycythemia vera is a disease characterized by too many blood cells.

Rowel is admitted with polycythemia. As his nurse, which should you include in your nursing interventions for Rowel? Assessing patients for signs of hypokalemia b. Preparation for administration of a blood transfusion c. Monitoring the client for stroke symptoms d. When do I get the score for my practice test? Your score is constantly displayed. Before you begin, the numbered grid in the upper left corner of the computer screen is grey.

Each grey square in the grid will turn green or red, depending if your answer to the question is right or wrong. With each question, the squares of the grid will turn green with your correct answers or red with the incorrect ones. How are the practice tests arranged? Each category includes practice tests that cover the subcategories. We also plan to offer tests that will take all the questions and split them into specific topics, such as pharmacology, laboratory tests, medical emergencies, etc.

Where do these questions come from? Many of the questions were created by our authors. What happens if I get a question wrong? If the answer is correct, you will see a green checkmark and can go to the next question.

The rationale for the correct answer will also show, so you can read it and find out more. Taking notes on the questions you need to study will reinforce your learning. Do I need to register to access the tests or the results?

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We use a browser cookie to remember your progress so that you can safely close your browser window and come back at any time to the exact point at which you left off. No usernames or passwords to remember! Is there a passing score for the practice tests? Can I take a practice test more than once? Our practice tests work the same way as flash cards.

Each time you retake any of the tests, the questions and options will automatically shuffle into a different order. Random ordering is a proven learning method.Can be inserted by any person trained in ACLS. This is not an unusual finding A WBC count of 15, probably indicates acute cholecystitis, especially considering Mrs.

Clearly, most men are NOT fulfilling there women's needs in bed. Ineffective individual coping related to A. Combating immigration fraud Wa Sunday 6 - 9 am C. Identify the type of isolation for clients with the following conditions: