Top 60 HTML & HTML5 Interview Questions & Answers No, there are single HTML tags that do not need a closing tag. .. Download PDF. Read Best Html Interview Questions and answers. Download HTML Interview Questions PDF. HTML Interview Questions. 1. What is the use of. such interviews, let us have a look at what most of these questions might be. For HTML browsers, a good choice would be local storage and persistent storage .

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Ace your next interview with these helpful HTML interview questions and answers. HTML Interview Questions for beginners and professionals with a list of top frequently asked HTML interview questions and answers with java,.net, php. Frequently asked HTML Interview Questions with detailed answers and examples. Tips and Tricks for cracking HTML interview. Happy HTML job hunting.

Ans: Anchor tag in HTML is used for linking between two sections or two different web pages or website templates. Ans: Semantic elements are HTML elements which represent its meaning to the browser and developer about its contents.

For Example — p tag represents a paragraph, a tag represents anchor tag, form tag, table tag, article tag and many more are semantic elements in HTML.

Whereas div tag, span tag, bold tag are not semantic elements. Ans: Yes, we can modify the value of the attributes by using JavaScript. Ans: Comments are used by developers to keep a track of the code functionality and also help the other developers in understanding the code functionalities easily. The commented out lines will not be shown in the browser. Comments can be of one line or of multiple lines. Ans: Block elements are the blocks that take the full available width and always start from a new line.

It will stretch itself to the full available width of the available container width. Inline elements are the elements that will only take the width that is required to fit into the container. For Example, take the flow of text on the page. When the line of the text takes the full width of the container it wraps itself into a new line and again goes in the same way.

Whereas the inline element will take only that much space or width that it is needed for them. Q 13 Can we change inline elements into block-level elements? Ans: Yes, we can change inline elements into block-level elements by adding display equal to block in its CSS tag. Writing it will change the inline elements into block elements and then inline elements will also take the full width of the container.

But fortunately, most of the browsers will take html5 elements as inline elements. These tags are generally used to separate two different lines of text between each other. Image map facilitates you to link many different web pages using a single image.

You can define shapes in images that you want to make part of an image mapping. The HTML iframe tag is used to display a nested webpage. In other words, it represents a webpage within a webpage. You can keep the list elements straight by using indents.

No, you can use hyperlinks on text and images both. The HTML anchor tag defines a hyperlink that links one page to another page. The "href" attribute is the most important attribute of the HTML anchor tag. Syntax More details.

A style sheet is used to build a consistent, transportable, and well-designed style template. You can add these templates on several different web pages. It describes the look and formatting of a document written in markup language. The color of the bullet is always the color of the first text of the list. Many of the recent extensions to HTML have been tentative and somewhat crude attempts to control document layout.

Style sheets go several steps beyond, and introduces complex border, margin and spacing control to most HTML elements. It also extends the capabilities introduced by most of the existing HTML browser extensions. What Is Property? Property is a stylistic parameter attribute that can be influenced through CSS, e. There must always be a corresponing value or values set to each property, e. You can help with this by setting properties in recommended places.

Style rules that apply to the whole document should be set in the BODY element -- and only there. In this way, the user can easily modify document-wide style settings. Ns And Msie? The simple answer is, you can't, and you shouldn't waste your time trying to make it exactly the same. Web browsers are allowed, per definition, to interpret a page as they like, subject to the general rules set down in the HTML and CSS specifications.

There is no necessity for a well-written page to look the same in different browsers. You may want to strive to ensure that it looks good in more than one browser, even if the actual display in the case of graphical browsers comes out a bit different. Quite a bit actually. Style sheets only specify information that controls display and rendering information.

Virtual style elements that convey the NATURE of the content can not be replaced by style sheets, and hyperlinking and multimedia object insertion is not a part of style sheet functionality at all although controlling how those objects appear IS part of style sheets functionality.

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Rule of Thumb: Comments can be written anywhere where whitespace is allowed and are treated as white space themselves. Comments cannot be nested.

Which Characters Can Css-names Contain? The CSS-names; names of selectors, classes and IDs can contain characters a-z, A-Z, digits , period, hyphen, escaped characters, Unicode characters , as well as any Unicode character as a numeric code.

The names cannot start with a dash or a digit. What Browsers Support Style Sheets? To What Extent? Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 3. Take note that the early implementations in these browsers did not support ALL of the properties and syntax described in the full CSS1 specification and beyond.

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Mozilla and Opera's current versions both offer excellent CSS standards compliance. Only in very rare situations we will find users that have a "calibrated" rendering device that shows fixed font sizes correct. This tells us that we can never know the real size of a font when it's rendered on the user end.

Other people may find your choice of font size uncomfortable. A surprisingly large number of people have vision problems and require larger text than the average. Other people have good eyesight and prefer the advantage of more text on the screen that a smaller font size allows.

What is comfortable to you on your system may be uncomfortable to someone else. Browsers have a default size for fonts. If a user finds this inappropriate, they can change it to something they prefer.

You can never assume that your choice is better for them. So, leave the font size alone for the majority of your text. If you wish to change it in specific places say smaller text for a copyright notice at the bottom of page , use relative units so that the size will stay in relationship to what the user may have selected already.

13 Most Helpful HTML Interview Questions & Answers

Remember, if people find your text uncomfortable, they will not bother struggling with your web site. Very few if any web sites are important enough to the average user to justify fighting with the author's idea of what is best. What Is Initial Value? Initial value is a default value of the property, that is the value given to the root element of the document tree.

All properties have an initial value. For example the background property is not inherited, however, the background of the parent element shines through because the initial value of background property is transparent.

That's part of the game. I don't think any specification has a birthright to be fully supported by all browsers. There should be healthy competition between different specifications.

I believe simple, author-friendly specifications will prevail in this environment. Microformats are another way of developing new formats. And style it with CSS. Yes, it's possible to take CSS further in several directions. W3C just published a new Working Draft which describes features for printing, e. The "AJAX" name sounds great. How To Style Table Cells? Margin, Border and Padding are difficult to apply to inline elements. If you need to set special margins, borders, or padding inside a table cell, then use this markup: How To Style Forms?

Checkboxes and Radiobuttons do not yet accept styles, and Netscape 4. If more than one declaration is attached to a selector they must appear in a semi colon separated list, e.

It is relative to the parent element's font-size.

For example, if the style sheet says: Must I Quote Property Values? Generally no.

However, values containing white spaces, e. Times, New and Roman. Any Text-based Html Editors? There are now at least two dozen editors supporting CSS syntax in some form. Double or single quotes in URLs are optional.

The tree following examples are equally valid: This is a somewhat fuzzy issue. As with HTML tags, style sheet information is given using a special language syntax. Use of the language is not copyrighted, and the syntax itself does not convey any content - only rendering information.

It is not a great idea to reference an external style sheet on someone else's server. Doing this is like referencing an in-line image from someone else's server in your HTML document. This can end up overloading a server if too many pages all over the net reference the same item.

It can't hurt to contact the author of a style sheet, if known, to discuss using the style sheet, but this may not be possible. In any case, a local copy should be created and used instead of referencing a remote copy. Document Style Semantics and Specification Language is an international standard, an expression language, a styling language for associating processing formatting and transformation with SGML documents, for example XML. What Is Extensible Stylesheet Language xsl? A stylesheet language used to describe the presentation of a document written in a markup language.

Cascading Style Sheets are a big breakthrough in Web design because they allow developers to control the style and layout of multiple Web pages all at once. Inline, external, imported and embedded are the different types of style sheets. What Are Style Sheet Properties?

Explain Vbscript In Detail. This is a scripting language developed by Microsoft and is based loosely on Visual Basic. Its functionality in a web environment is dependant upon either an ASP engine or the Windows Scripting Host, and must be used on a Windows hosting platform. Html Tutorial. Html Practice Tests.

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Question 1. What Is Html? Question 2. What Is A Tag? Add a Tag of marquee Question It is a good idea to avoid naming classes where the only difference is the case, for example: With style sheets, a designer can define many aspects of a Web page: How Does The Web Work? What Is Hypertext? Where Does Html Fit In? What Is Css? What Is Xhtml? Job Recommendation Latest. Jobs in Meghalaya Jobs in Shillong.

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13 Most Helpful HTML Interview Questions & Answers

Java Tutorial. CSS Tutorial. XML Interview Questions. Java Interview Questions. CSS Interview Questions. Java Abstraction Interview Questions. XML Practice Tests.Take note that the early implementations in these browsers did not support ALL of the properties and syntax described in the full CSS1 specification and beyond. If you are seeing this behavior while viewing your HTML documents on your local Windows filesystem, then your text editor may have added a ". Prewritten CGI file-upload scripts are available.

Visited link - It is displayed, underlined and purple. Today, many browsers use the document's DOCTYPE declaration to determine whether to use a stricter, more standards-oriented layout mode, or to use a "quirks" layout mode that attempts to emulate older, buggy browsers.

While each page is different, there are a few rules around the overall structure of the HTML document. Java Abstraction Interview Questions. Have the server-side e.