A Catalogue of Indian Synonyms of the Medicinal Plants of India by Moodeen Medicinal Plants/Indian Herbal Remedies, published by Springer. Ayurvedic. and the Ghaggar 6 History of India and Indian National Movement History of India and Indian Agro-techniques of selected medicinal plants. Indian Medicinal Plants Vol 1. IdentifierIndianMedicinalPlantsVol1. Identifier-ark ark://t9v16z45f. OcrABBYY FineReader Ppi

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edicinal Plants Medicinal Plants Medicinal Plants Medicinal Plants Medicinal India. Uses. T h e m a l e cones of the plant are used by local herbalists as a. Quality standards of Indian Medicinal Plants Volume 8. Book · January with 3, Reads. Publisher: Volume 8. Publisher: Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jun 1, , C.P. Khare and others published Indian Medicinal Plants: An Illustrated Dictionary.

Eoot, bark, leaves, and seeds are used in native medicine. They do not, however, administer any part of the plant as an internal remedy. The Gonds call this of this is most powerful hajmostatic. In two cases, in which trial was made, he says that tbo bleeding was at once arrested ; and to use his own words, the blood seemed to be at once curdled tip.

The patient stated that it was not so much the pain and swelling of the foot that caused him anxiety, but the frequent hemorrhages from the abscess. Immediately above the internal malleolus I found a pulsating tumour about the size of a pigeon's egg ; pressure on the posterior tibial artery on tho proximal side of the awelling at once arrested tho bloeding ; tho superficial veins in the neighbourhood were enlarged, and a faint thrill could bo detected in them.

Taking into considera " By Surgeon B.

Evehs, milky juice ation the situation of the tumour, and tho character of the I diagnosed the case as one of varicose aneurism. The bleediug from the tumour was easily checked by theapplica- haemorrhage, After this lion of instrumental and digital pressure were resorted to alternately. In the meantime the abscess in the heel was gradually filling up.

On seeing Mr. Udoy Chund Dutt's paper, I determined to give the jatropha juice a trial, and accordingly, on the 12th October, I injected a drachm of the juice into the tumour by means of the hypodermic syringe ; the result was astonishing ; in twenty minutes' time the pulsation was so faint that no non-professional person could have detected it; and by evening all pulsation had ceased, a good firm coagulum had been produced, the nozzle of the syringe was retained in the tumour for about ten minutes; and on removing the instrument just one drop of blood escaped through the puncture ; a small piece dry lint and a piece of sticking plaster were applied puncture.

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Log In Sign Up. This is only a single case it is true, but it illustrates how a very simple and speedy operation may be had recourse to in place of others more serious.

Rastogi, B. Actaea spicata Linn. Ayurvedic Usage Indian Medicinal Plants. In: World of Science, Employment News.