(PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition Simply make a copy of the relevant page of the book, mark the error, and send it PMI Book Service Center. PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition Aligned Chuck Millhollan, MBA, MPM, PMP, ( PMBOK®) Guide – 5th Edition Chapter 5 Project Scope PMI PowerPoint Te. PMI® books are available at special quantity discounts to use as premiums . to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) Edition.

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print run of your book (or PDF), refer to the bottom of the copyright page (which PMBOK Guide – Fifth Edition Core Committee—Corrected the listing to include. Pmbok 5th Edition - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK ®) Guide – 5th Edition . (ebook-pdf) - The Little Black Book of Project Management. Download PMBOK Guide 5th Edition - PMP Certification Exams Preparation based on Finally do a checkout and download its PDF version.

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Pmbok 5th Edition

March 09, at Will I be able to access updates as well? Or do I have to keep my membership active in order to have continuous access? Good question, Karen. March 14, at Leave a Comment Cancel reply Loading Niranjan July 27, at Reply to Niranjan. Harwinder Singh July 27, at Masiuddin May 07, at Rajesh December 17, at Reply to Rajesh. Harwinder Singh December 18, at Anonymous February 13, at Reply to Anonymous.

Sg March 28, at Reply to Sg. Harwinder Singh March 28, at Reply to tarekahf. Harwinder Singh May 18, at Suresh March 04, at Reply to Suresh. Harwinder Singh March 04, at Harwinder Singh December 27, at Harwinder Singh January 01, at This Process Group involves coordinating people and resources, managing stakeholder expectations, as well as integrating and performing the activities of the project in accordance with the project management plan.

During project execution, results may require planning updates and rebaselining. Project Management Process Groups Executing Process Group This may include changes to expected activity durations, changes in resource productivity and availability, and unanticipated risks. Such variances may affect the project management plan or project documents and may require detailed analysis and development of appropriate project management responses.

Project Management Process Groups Monitoring and Controlling Process Group The Monitoring and Controlling Process Group consists of those processes required to track, review, and orchestrate the progress and performance of the project; identify any areas in which changes to the plan are required; and initiate the corresponding changes.

The key benefit of this Process Group is that project performance is measured and analyzed at regular intervals, appropriate events, or exception conditions to identify variances from the project management plan. The Monitoring and Controlling Process Group also involves: Controlling changes and recommending corrective or preventive action in anticipation of possible problems, Monitoring the ongoing project activities against the project management plan Project Management Process Groups Closing Process Group The Closing Process Group consists of those processes performed to conclude all activities across all Project Management Process Groups to formally complete the project, phase, or contractual obligations.

This Process Group, when completed, verifies that the defined processes are completed within all of the Process Groups to close the project or a project phase, as appropriate, and formally establishes that the project or project phase is complete. This Process Group also formally establishes the premature closure of the project. Prematurely closed projects may include, for example: aborted projects, cancelled projects, and projects having a critical situation.

A Knowledge Area represents a complete set of concepts, terms, and activities that make up a professional field, project management field, or area of specialization.

These ten Knowledge Areas are used on most projects most of the time. Project teams should utilize these ten Knowledge Areas and other Knowledge Areas, as appropriate, for their specific project. Project Integration Management, I 2. Project Scope Management, S 3.

Project Time Management, Ti 4. Project Cost Management Co 5.

PMBOK 5TH Edition

Project Quality Management, Q 6. Project Human Resource Management, Hu 7. Project Communications Management, Co 8. Project Risk Management, R 9. Project Procurement Management and P Project Stakeholder Management.

In the project management context, integration includes characteristics of unification, consolidation, communication, and integrative actions that are crucial to controlled project execution through completion, successfully managing stakeholder expectations, and meeting requirements.

Project Integration Management includes making choices about resource allocation, making trade-offs among competing objectives and alternatives, and managing the interdependencies among the project management Knowledge Areas. Develop Project Management Plan: The process of defining, preparing, and coordinating all subsidiary plans and integrating them into a comprehensive project management plan. Perform Integrated Change Control: The process of reviewing all change requests; approving changes and managing changes to deliverables, organizational process assets, project documents, and the project management plan; and communicating their disposition.

Managing the project scope is primarily concerned with defining and controlling what is and is not included in the project. The processes used to manage project scope, as well as the supporting tools and techniques, can vary by project. The scope baseline for the project is the approved version of the project scope statement, work breakdown structure WBS , and its associated WBS dictionary.

Collect Requirements— The process of determining, documenting, and managing stakeholder needs and requirements to meet project objectives. Define Scope— The process of developing a detailed description of the project and product.

Validate Scope— The process of formalizing acceptance of the completed project deliverables. Control Scope— The process of monitoring the status of the project and product scope and managing changes to the scope baseline.

Distinguishing the project schedule presentation schedule from the schedule data and calculations that produce the project schedule is practiced by referring to the scheduling tool populated with project data as the schedule model.

A logical relationship in which a successor activity cannot start until a predecessor activity has finished.

Example: The awards ceremony successor cannot start until the race predecessor has finished. Finish-to-finish FF. A logical relationship in which a successor activity cannot finish until a predecessor activity has finished.

Example: Writing a document predecessor is required to finish before editing the document successor can finish. Start-to-start SS.

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A logical relationship in which a successor activity cannot start until a predecessor activity has started. Example: Level concrete successor cannot begin until pour foundation predecessor begins.

Start-to-finish SF. A logical relationship in which a successor activity cannot finish until a predecessor activity has started. Example: The first security guard shift successor cannot finish until the second security guard shift predecessor starts. Different stakeholders will measure project costs in different ways and at different times.

Project Cost Management is primarily concerned with the cost of the resources needed to complete project activities. Project Cost Management should also consider the effect of project decisions on the subsequent recurring cost of using, maintaining, and supporting the product, service, or result of the project.

Project Quality Management works to ensure that the project requirements, including product requirements, are met and validated. It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and W. A Cause-and-Effect Diagram is a tool that helps identify, sort, and display possible causes of a specific problem or quality characteristic.

It graphically illustrates the relationship between a given outcome and all the factors that influence the outcome. Method process 3. Material Includes Raw Material and Information etc. Measurement Inspection 6. Poor supervision will result in negative quality effects on the finished product e. Building etc.

The project team is comprised of the people with assigned roles and responsibilities for completing the project. Project team members may have varied skill sets, may be assigned full or part-time, and may be added or removed from the team as the project progresses.

Although specific roles and responsibilities for the project team members are assigned, the involvement of all team members in project planning and decision making is beneficial. Participation of team members during planning adds their expertise to the process and strengthens their commitment to the project.

Effective communication creates a bridge between diverse stakeholders who may have: Different cultural and organizational backgrounds, Different levels of expertise, and Different perspectives and interests, which impact or have an influence upon the project execution or outcome. The objectives of project risk management are to increase the likelihood and impact of positive events, and decrease the likelihood and impact of negative events in the project. A risk may have one or more causes and, if it occurs, it may have one or more impacts.

A cause may be a given or potential requirement, assumption, constraint, or condition that creates the possibility of negative or positive outcomes.

Project risk has its origins in the uncertainty present in all projects. Known risks are those that have been identified and analyzed, making it possible to plan responses for those risks. Known risks that cannot be managed proactively, should be assigned a contingency reserve.

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Unknown risks cannot be managed proactively and therefore may be assigned a management reserve. A negative project risk that has occurred is considered an issue. Overall project risk represents the effect of uncertainty on the project as a whole. It is more than the sum of the individual risks within a project, since it includes all sources of project uncertainty.Reply to Sg.

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I may be able to advise further based on your response. A cause may be a given or potential requirement, assumption, constraint, or condition that creates the possibility of negative or positive outcomes.

The rest of the nuggets of new wisdom from the guide are all yours to discover and use in your endeavors. July 27, at Can you help share the pdf? A process is a set of interrelated actions and activities performed to create a pre-specified product, service, or result.