Dot Net study material - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. a pdf about dot net. NET. 1. Web applications: These include dynamic and data driven browser . This naturally increases cost of training and learning explain difference between ASP and INTRODUCTION. Microsoft. NET technology you Source: NET FRAMEWORK Questions for Self – Study. Suggested.

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NET Framework and C#. Details: This presentation describes some elementary features Framework and. C#. Organization: The index that contains the. NET FCL is a collection of reusable types that is integrated with the CLR. ASP. net. XML Web Services. Web Forms. Windows Forms. is a web application framework developed and marketed by Microsoft to This tutorial covers all the basic elements of that a beginner would.

The first version of. NET was released early in , and version 1. Version 2. A good overview of the. NET releases can be found in the Wiki- pedia entry on the Microsoft. NET is fairly invisible.

The savvier user might feel enlightened to know that. NET is basically a collection of dynamic link libraries. These DLLs might already be installed along with Windows XP on a new machine, or they might be installed during the process of installing an application that uses. The latest version of Windows—Microsoft Windows Vista—includes the.

NET Framework 3. NET, then reading this book is a good move.

Congratulations on getting started! You can program for.

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NET in a variety of programming languages. How- ever, any language you use for. NET programming must meet a set of minimum requirements to order to use the. NET class libraries. These requirements are known as the.

Related to the CLS is the. NET languages support. When you compile one of your. NET programs, the program is generally compiled to a processor-independent intermediate language that resem- bles machine code. This two-stage compilation potentially allows for portability among various platforms and processors. The just-in-time compilation is performed by the. The CLR manages the execution of.

Dot Net study material

Thus, when you are programming for. As object-oriented programming and class libraries have be- come more complex over recent years, common problems have arisen involving memory allocation. For that reason, the CLR imple- ments garbage collection.

The CLR can determine if a particular block of memory can no longer be referenced by a program, and then free such blocks of memory if required. Microsoft makes available several languages to the. NET programmer. Which one you use is mostly a matter of personal taste. Some people program for. NET using Visual Basic. However, most.

NET programmers have come to know and love C , the programming language designed in conjunction with. NET largely under the guidance of Anders Hejlsberg. The big difference that veteran programmers will discover is that C does not require you to mess around with pointers. Traditional C-like pointers are supported in C syntax, but they are normally relegated to inter- operability with existing code.

Rather than pointers, the. It is part of becoming a good C programmer that you learn when you are working with a reference and when you are not. It is never too early to start learning the C and.

NET mantra: Classes are reference types; structures are value types. Runtimes and SDKs To run.

NET with the same number of lines of code, same performance and same efficiency, because everyone uses same. Features of. NET, C etc. NET provides a common set of class libraries, which can be accessed from any. NET based programming language.

There will not be separate set of classes and libraries for each language. If you know any one. NET language, you can write code in any. Want to read all pages?

There are still lot of people who like to use the bullock-cart instead of the latest Honda car. To recover the market, Microsoft announced. NET framework comes with a single class library.


And thats all programmers need to learn!! Whether they write the code in C or VB.

NET or J , it doesn't matter, you just use the. NET class library. There is no classes specific to any language. There is nothing more you can do in a language, which you can't do in any other.If you need to pro- gram for a specific subsystem of. Network - Ether.

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You can begin with this tutorial anytime. The decimal data type is an alias for the System. You need to assign the return value of ToUpper to a string variable: The contents of. To customize the formatting of numbers by ToString, you need an instance of the NumberFormatInfo class.