Luciano Benetti Timm () "As origens do contrato no Novo Código Civil: uma introdução á função social, Download this article ( KB, PDF). ARTICULO 4° — Deróganse el Código Civil, aprobado por la ley , y el ( Corresponde al Capítulo 2 del Título V del Libro Segundo del Código Civil y. Ascensao Jose Oliveira CLAUSULAS CONTRATUAIS GERAIS CLAUSULAS ABUSIVAS E O NOVO CODIGO CIVIL. Carmen Manuel! " # $ % & '& () * % + &.

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comentado - código civil y comercial de la nación comentado tomo i título lara coordinadora universidad nacional autÓnoma de mÉxico novo código de. É aprovado o Código Penal, que é parte integrante da presente Lei. Artigo 2.º º a º do Código de Processo Civil, aprovado pelo novos crimes;. cÓdigo civil comentado - i novo cÓdigo civil comentado (lei n. tomo i título preliminar y libro primero artículos 1 a código civil y comercial de la nación [ pdf].

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Código Civil Português de 1867

Close search. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. Term search All of ProZ. Portuguese term or phrase: Georgia Almeida KudoZ activity Questions: Local time: Introductory Materials. Linked pages. Official Reports. Reading Lists. Restitution Worldwide. What is Restitution? Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics approx. Modern Civil codes have developed this material in very different ways.

A useful selection of material is available at the Ius Commune Casebook site. Here are some provisions of modern codes and relevant articles in English where possible. One useful translation engine is here. French Civil Code Code Civil. Palpite, ?.

Atlas, Bauru, SP: ITE, Protection of wild fauna is regulated by Law no. An aspect of great practical importance is the concurrence of incriminating rules in the Game Code, the Penal Code, and other statutes. Some jurists consider the Game Code draconian, excessively punitive, and clearly out of rhythm with the scale of judgments of Brazilian penal system. Mandamentos, On August 22, , the Code of Conduct for Higher Government Officials was published in the Federal Official Gazette, and it applies to over Federal Government employees, including ministers, secretaries of State, and top-level employees.

The Code of Conduct seeks to establish standards for, among other cases, the acceptance of gifts and souvenirs, the lending of vehicles, and a quarantine which forbids a civil servant from accepting any job in private enterprise during the first four months after leaving a position in the Government. The Code is divided into seven chapters: Iglu, Santos, comp.

Signus Editora, In that same year, it was reformed by Law no. During the 27 years it has been in force, some laws on specific matters have brought about small, continuous reforms that have substantially changed the Code, so as to accelerate proceedings, streamline procedural mechanisms, and eliminate superfluous formalities.

However, there is a list of norms that complete or change the Code of Criminal Procedure, as follows: Law on Trial by Jury Law , of February 23, and its alteration ;. Law on heinous crimes Law 8,, of July 25, and its alterations, which defined heinous crimes, prohibited bail and release on own recognizance, the impossibility of granting grace or pardon. The Code of Criminal Procedure is divided into six books: Proceedings in general, Proceedings in manner, Nullity and appeals in general, Foreclosure, Jurisdictional affairs with foreign authorities and General provisions.

Decreto-Lei n. Atlas , Established by Act n. Subdivided into eight titles: A Lei de Propriedade Industrial comentada: Manual de Direito Comercial. Bookseller, Came into force on 11 March, The Code is divided into six titles: Forense www. Brazilian Traffic Code in force today was established by Act n. It was altered by Act n. January, , and by Act n.

Porto Alegre: Sagra Luzzatto, Juarez de Oliveira, Basic References for Electoral Law: Federal Constitution, Electoral Code and resolutions by the Electoral High Court, which are equivalent to ordinary acts. Brazil Electoral Code has articles and is divided into five Parts: Among the several Acts that rule the electoral system, the most important ones are listed below: Act n. Supplementary Act n. Bestbook, The Forest Code was established by Act n.

Meio ambiente: Basic Legislation on Criminal Law includes, among others: Criminal Code, its General Part introduced by Act n. It is divided into two books: The first book includes legislation on tax competence, taxes, charges, specific benefits charges, revenue sharing.

The second book rules on tax legislation, tax due, tax credit and tax administration. It resulted from the work of a Committee formed by a small number of famous jurists, assigned to present a bill for the Consolidation of all Labor and Social Security legal instruments.

No contribution was received from the National Congress which, at the time, was kept inactive by the President of the Republic. It includes articles, and 11 chapters, as follows: LTr, LTr , The Child and Adolescent Statute was passed into law in Act n. The Statute is divided into two books: General Part and Special Part.

Book I, General Part, has three Titles: CURY, Munir. Malheiros , The Ministry of Science and Technology is responsible for the conception and enforcement of the National Policy on Science and Technology, in accordance with provisions established in Chapter IV of the Federal Constitution. The Ministry was created on March 15, , by Decree-Law n. Its province includes the national scientific and technological heritage and its further development; its related policy on cooperation and interchange; definition of the National Policy on Science and Technology; coordination of sector policies; and the national policy on research development, production and use of new high technology services and materials.

Its web page offers access to such legal instruments as acts, decrees, presidential temporary measures, administrative directives and other normative acts related to science and technology activities in the country. The Customs Regulations result from the amalgamation of all provisions on customs legislation Decree n. The Foreign Trade Tax Legislation is directly related to the import tax on foreign products II , the tax on industrialized products IPI and the export tax IE and also to contributions, charges and foreign exchange infractions related to import and export activities.

Power to enforce foreign trade policies in Brazil is assigned to several ministries. Respective homepages display all customs and foreign trade legislation. Aduaneiras , Aduaneiras , 19?? Aduaneiras The Constitution has established all duties binding the family, the society and the State regarding children and adolescents.

Among others, the special nature of labor by minors was established in following items of paragraph 3, article The Constitution further establishes that minors under eighteen years of age may not be held criminally liable; instead they shall be subject to the ruling of special legislation. It also determines that the law shall severely punish abuse, violence and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

It provides for adoption, its cases and conditions, which shall be assisted by the Government. In order to address the new constitutional framework and to comply with the latest policy of integral protection to children and adolescents, new legislation was needed: The General Part comprises three Titles: The Special Part comprises seven Titles: Renovar, Malheiros, Leud, IEPC, LEUD, LTR, Subjects are indexed, though without hyperlink; in order to access any item, you will have to note the number of the legal instrument and return to the Homepage.

It is based on article 5. The CDC is divided into six Titles: All agencies dealing with Consumer Protection are subordinated to the Ministry of Justice. Its homepage supplies all resolutions published on the subject. It also offers links to agencies related to conpetition protection in foreign countries.

Direito do consumidor para o Mercosul: A Defesa dos Interesses do Consumidor: Oliveira , Curso de direito do consumidor. Forense , Max Limonad, Direito do consumidor no turismo: LZN, LTR , Aga Juris, Another remarkable research source on educational legislation is the homepage of the Instituto Nacional de Estudos e Pesquisas Educacionais National Institute of Studies and Research on Education , which has developed a system called Sistema ProLei Program of Integrated Educational Legislation , where you may access federal, state or municipal legislation on the matter.

LDB comentada. EdiTau, Lei 9. The fundamental sources of Electoral Law are: The Electoral Code Act n.

The Brazilian Electoral Code has articles and is divided into five parts, namely: These Resolutions update the electoral process. The Higher Electoral Court homepage also supplies information on electoral legislation.

Direito Eleitoral Brasileiro. Edipro, Direito eleitoral: Del Rey, Senado Federal, Giordano, Direito eleitoral. Starting with the Stockholm conference in , several normative acts were established aiming to protect the environment. Brazilian legislation on the matter is rather comprehensive, starting with the Federal Constitution, encompassing the Criminal and Civil Codes.

There is also specific and supplementary legislation at federal, state and municipal levels. Direito ambiental e direito empresarial: Rio de janeiro: LED, Conselho Nacional do Meio Ambiente.

Ambiental, Elementos de Direito Ambiental brasileiro.

Direito ambiental: Thex, LTR , Oliveira, Crimes ambientais: AB, ISBN X. O que o Brasil precisa saber sobre o Mercosul. The basic legislation ruling the Social Security System in Brazil encompasses: It is still worth noting that Constitutional Amendment n. This page offers, among others, Acts, decrees, directives, implementing orders, legal digests and former court rulings by the Higher Courts, opinions and articles collected by several Brazilian Public Social Security agencies.

Decreto-Lei n.º 39/99/M

Leis n. Organizada por Aristeu de Oliveira. Direito da seguridade social: Decree n. October, , which approved radio broadcasting services, is the fundamental text on the matter, together with Decree n. Created by Act n. Lejus, Harbra, The first efforts to structure Agrarian Law in Brazil date back to , however, only much later, in , was the Land Statute established by Act n.

This text is still the basic piece of legislation on Land Reform. Terra prometida: Campus, Caxias do Sul: Maneco Liv. Couto org. For the last six years, the Brazilian sector of telecommunications has been undergoing a restructuring process, and its entire regulatory framework was considered and amended.

Pires 3 has identified six stages in this process: Homepages for both the Ministry of Communications and the National Telecommunications Agency ANATEL offer the full text of all mentioned legislation and other legislative acts regarding the telecommunications sector. Revista de Direito Administrativo http: Porto alegre: The oldest Brazilian traffic legal instrument dates back to Later on further legislation was enacted. The first Traffic Code was established in In the following year this Code was substantially altered by Decree-Law n.

In and special Committees were created to study and propose a bill for a new Traffic Code. The Brazilian Traffic Code established by Act n. It was amended by Act n. Millennium, The Brazilian taxation system had its guidelines established in the Federal Constitution, articles to According to the Constitution, the Union, States, Municipalities, and the Federal District have competence, either exclusive or concurrent, to institute taxes.

The Union has the power to institute and collect taxes on: States and the Federal District have the competence to institute and collect taxes on: Municipalities have the competence to institute and collect taxes on: According to the Federal Constitution art. Search is either by subject or type of norm. The following are examples of bibliographic references by type of material.

The order of elements necessary to identify the materials is between brackets. Title of the book. Edition number. Editor, date. Title of the article. Title of the Periodical , place of publication, volume, number, first and last pages of the article, month or season of the year , year.

Type and number of appeal.

Disputing parties. Majority opinion and dissenting opinion. Supremo Tribunal Federal. Ministro Rafael Mayer. Standardized code name and date. Title of the Publication: Name of organizer or collaborators. Number of pages. Organizado por: Title type of instrument, n. Indication of the official gazette.

Pessoa com deficiência: Trabalho e Previdência ... - Senado Federal

If quotation is no longer than three lines it must be inserted within the running text; longer quotations are set off from the text by being indented both right and left. All data necessary to identify the publication from which quoted matter within the text, an idea paraphrased, etc.

Such citations can be inserted within the text or appended as a note at the foot of the page, or at the end of the complete text. Citation sentences may comply either with the numeric references method or first element-date method. According to the numeric references method, superscript, parenthetical or bracketed numerals, inserted at the end of the quotation, refer to documents in the order in which they are first cited.

Subsequent citations of a particular document receive the same number as the first. For example: Diz Rui Barbosa: If necessary, page numbers may be given after the year within parentheses, set off by commas.

Segundo Morais , p. As already mentioned and besides the careful discipline of the legislative process the current Constitution also cites briefly code bills.

However, in what regards the process or procedure of amalgamation, the Constitution only mentions, in art. Sole Paragraph. Supplementary legislation shall provide for the preparation, drafting, amendment and amalgamation of legal instruments. Finally, and as it should be, the legal instrument concerning adoption was regulated by Civil Code Act n. The theme adoption is regulated by Act n.

Articles 42 to 46 deal with the theme in a generic form and paragraph 2 of art. From onwards, the Federal Government was legally allowed to hire public servants according to the standards of Consolidation of Labor Laws side by side with statutory servants.

This regime duplicity was provided for in the Constitution of January 24, , pursuant to art. The Labor Legislation is applied to public servants hired temporarily for civil works or for technical or specialized jobs.

Still regarding this issue, Act n.This page offers, among others, Acts, decrees, directives, implementing orders, legal digests and former court rulings by the Higher Courts, opinions and articles collected by several Brazilian Public Social Security agencies.

Texts received in paper copies cannot be found online. The Higher Electoral Court homepage also supplies information on electoral legislation. The excessive number of laws is not the only big problem in the corpus of Brazilian laws.

The doctorate takes a minimum of two years and a maximum of five years. We are indicating only Rede de Bibliotecas [the Library Network ], maintained and managed by the Federal Senate, because it includes the largest number of law libraries and because it is responsible for publishing the Bibliografia Brasileira de Direito - BBD Brazilian Law Bibliography. Curso de direito civil brasileiro.