Not from Google play, not from any browser and not only pdf files, any kind of file wont download. I recently did a factory reset and restored it. Hello, I was wondering if anyone might know a solution to the following problem I' m having . My galaxy s3 will let me open pdf files. But then. Ever since I did the most recent update on my s3 I can't download pdf or mp3 files . All it says is 'down load unsuccessful'. What can I do to.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Wont Pdf Files

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Hello, My Adobe Acrobat Reader which is installed on my Samsung S8 appears to be 3 Replies Latest reply on Aug 4, AM by Francine Caron the similar issue: Why won't some pdf-files open on tablet/phone?. hi my s3 wont download files from the Internet anymore, photos pdf's etc. it says ' starting download' as usual but then just doesn't download. Solved: Cannot download the attached document PDF to my phone? Can you tell me why please?.

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Smileyface10 wrote: I uninstalled Adobe and the file still did not open. I did additional troubleshooting to provide more feedback: Also, when I open the Yahoo attachment through the same email on my laptop the attachment reads "PDF" and shows the Adobe symbol.

What's interesting is that on my Samsung cell or tablet the attachment doesn't read "PDF" or show the Adobe symbol.

In fact the typical red "paper" outline signifying that it's a typical PDF file shows the outline as green and blue. I found that after the 4.

I had the same issue. Try opening applications and tab over to see if yours is turned off.

Oct 5, Messages: My s3 has also same problem, it shows "starting download" as usual but it does not download any thing. I am using wifi. The problem started since i forced stop downloading.

Anyone can help me plz? Also play store is not working, what is redem code, where did i get this? Like x 1. DolphZiggler New Member.

starting download but nothing happens samsung

Dec 23, Messages: Galaxy S3. Hi I seem to be having a similar problem with my phone. However whenever I use wifi or 3G my downloads are enabled. I tried disabling and re enabling however this didn't help.

KaosMaster Senior Member. Jan 24, Messages: Garden Grove, CA.

How to Download Files to Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Sounds to me like you all need some reflashing!! I have moved your thread to the S3 forum, where you should get faster help.


Thanks for understanding. Angier, NC. Make sure you got plenty of room in your internal and external drives.

You may want to installed adobe acrobat reader or Polaris office 4. Share This Page Tweet.

Where to find downloaded files on your Android phone

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Yes, my password is:Once you finish, restart the phone then see whether it helps. You have to note though that all your personal information will be erased in the process.

It worked like a charm before EDIT i have made some more testings and some pdf files are openingand some are not. The same thing happens when I attempt to save the file.

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Once the account has been successfully setup, restart your Galaxy Note 8 then retry to open the attachment in the email message. Mar 22, Messages: Enter the information to register the email account again. Troubleshoot your device.