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If something happens while you're there -- if one of your kids falls off the monkey bars and gets hurt, for example -- the owner of the playground isn't legally liable for it. If you take the owner to court, you'll likely lose because you saw the sign, and you knew that you were using the playground at your own risk.

In the beginning of your eBook, you'll need to have a disclaimer that tells your readers exactly what you're not taking responsibility for. You're not required by law to include any kind of disclaimer, but if you want to be as protected as possible, a good eBook disclaimer is a must have.

What kind of liability can you face as an eBook author or publisher? The general answer is "a lot! For example, if you've written an eBook about traumatic brain injuries, you need a disclaimer that tells your readers that they shouldn't make any medical decisions based solely on your advice, and that the information you've provided isn't meant to replace a trip to the doctor or a call to This is the disclaimer that's posted on the Mayo Clinic's First Aid web page.

You'll need to use something very similar in your eBook disclaimer if you cover a medical topic: A similar disclaimer would be needed if you wrote an eBook that contained financial advice. However, in addition to telling readers that your information shouldn't be the sole basis for any decision, you also need to include a disclaimer about results. Specifically, you need to make it clear that you saw a great return on your money from following this advice, but that there's no guarantee that everyone will have the same results you did.

Here's a good way to sum that up: If you write an eBook about sports or fitness training, it's wise to include a disclaimer similar to the one that bestselling author and publisher Richard McMunn uses: If you're a lawyer, your eBook should include a specific disclaimer that tells your readers not to treat your content as legal advice.

Business attorney Helen Sedwick came up with some simple language that covers all of the necessary details: This risk for liability is typically greatest for self-published authors because they don't have the benefit of a big publishing company with a legal department that checks each book. However, even if you have a publisher, you can still be held liable for issues in your eBook.

So what's a good way to limit that liability as much as possible? Fictional eBooks come with some unique disclaimer quirks, which we will discuss a little later. But whether you're dealing with fiction or nonfiction, do you see how tedious this can get?

In fact, eBooks come with so much potential for liability that there are actually companies who sell insurance to publishers.

These insurance policies can help pay for things like lawyer's fees if you get sued, or medical bills if someone was injured as a result of the content of your eBook. However, there are limits to the protection that an eBook disclaimer can give you.

If you try to use a disclaimer in order to use someone else's copyrighted material, it will not hold up in court. In the US, copyright law includes something called " fair use. But if you printed the entire article in your eBook, that would be a copyright violation.

In that last situation, a disclaimer like this one won't protect you: While this disclaimer was written for a physical product, the same theory applies to your eBooks. Just because you tell your readers that you don't claim to be the owner of certain material doesn't mean that you can use copyrighted material beyond fair use.

If the copyright owner were to sue you, he would most likely win. The copyright laws are very similar in the UK. The only difference is that British law refers to "fair dealing" instead of "fair use.

Worried about writing your own eBook Disclaimer? Some authors and publishers have an entire legal team to write their disclaimers, but you don't have to run out and hire a lawyer.

If you can't afford to pay a lawyer to write your disclaimer, that's Ok. Authors and publishers can get a free helping hand from some expert advice around the web.

If your eBook has multiple authors, Alicia Dunams has some language you can use to build a disclaimer that limits everyone's liability. However, you could change this up a bit to make it work for single-authored works: Another great way to write your eBook disclaimer is to look at the bestsellers in your category and see what they put in their disclaimer. For example, if you've written an eBook about stock trading, go look at the current financial bestsellers.

Odds are these disclaimers were drawn up by a publisher's legal team, so they'll include all of the necessary details. When you find someone who can captivate you and bring you to another world, you want to make a return trip with the captain that brought you there. When I find an author I like, I tend to download all their work. If they can release it quicker, we all win.

JG: Why serialized fiction?

The show featured three ongoing serials and always left you hanging on to the following week. It was a book we were breaking apart.

Tales and Fantasies by Robert Louis Stevenson

We wanted to do it right — time the stories to a serialized format, build the action to great cliffhanger endings, and really get readers excited.

While serialization has been around for hundreds of years, surprisingly few big-name authors are doing it today.

I disagree. You want the story to keep going.

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We believe readers are ready now. I liken it to a crack in the door backstage. Now the door has been left open, the guard is taking a break. You have an opportunity to sneak onto the stage and draw a crowd, but you still need to be able to perform once you get there.

I was writing when I was working the graveyard shift at a gas station for years. I was writing when I worked at a newspaper. With luck, you find an audience who gets your stuff and you can make enough to keep writing for them, and yourself.

JG: How has blogging shaped the future of books — if at all? Can you imagine 20 years ago, being able to instantly access your favorite author?

Sci-fi Fantasy Books

Ask a question, comment on something, or have a meaningful discussion? If I could have commented on Twitter to Clive Barker the day he opened my eyes to the magic that is his writing, I certainly would have reached out in a moment. As a reader and a writer, that connection is incredible. Blogging is another tool to relate with your readers or market.The copyright laws are very similar in the UK. You will have to select Science Fiction and Fantasy on the left side bar to see the selections available in these genres.

In that last situation, a disclaimer like this one won't protect you: While this disclaimer was written for a physical product, the same theory applies to your eBooks. In fact, the more interesting your eBook disclaimer is, the more likely people are to read and remember it!

What kind of liability can you face as an eBook author or publisher?

Viewing and download options vary. So what's a good way to limit that liability as much as possible? Jarra carries with her a big secret that might well jeopardize her team or it may save them all and the Galactic Empire too. Copyright Noticess Ebook Disclaimers Thanks to tablets and smartphone reading apps, you can gobble up as many books as you want without having to scrounge up physical space for all of them.